About Us

What is Birch & Pen?

In 2018, Jordan Jackson was presented with the opportunity to secure a deal with a local mall in Charleston, SC to open a brick & mortar retail store just after his 19th birthday. Having less then 30 day to solidify the business concept, Jordan decided to go with what he was familiar with, affordable luxury streetwear clothing.

The opening of Birch & Pen boutique led to Jordan making history by becoming the youngest store owner at just 19 years old. Jackson’s story resonated with millions around the world and Birch & Pen quickly gained many supporters.

The huge support led to a constant inventory shortages. With empty racks, the Birch & Pen team improvised by collaborating with local artisans, designers and creators to  supply goods. The identity of Birch & Pen evolved alongside it's customer base. What started as clothing boutique has evolved into a lifestyle brand.